5 Activities to Keep Seniors with Dementia Busy and Happy

Elder Care in West Paterson NJ: Here are 5 suggestions for things to do that your loved one might find entertaining and that will also keep them from getting bored.

Help! How Do I Dress My Elderly Relative?

Elder Care in West Paterson NJ: If you are unfamiliar with dressing aides, you’ll be surprised at how helpful they can be in allowing your elderly relatives to dress themselves. Many seniors would rather use a tool or device to get dressed than rely on another person.

Things to Look for in a New Car for Your Aging Parent

Elder Care in West Paterson, NJ If your parent lives at home with the help of a caregiver or a home care aide, they likely have the need for a safe and reliable car. If their current car is getting old and needing more and more repairs as the years […]