Why Is Eat Better, Eat Together Month Important for Seniors?

Elderly Care in Passaic NJ: Because October is Eat Better, Eat Together Month, it gives family caregivers a chance to examine the mealtime habits of their aging loved one to see if changes need to be made.

Tips for Helping Your Aging Parent Cope with the Emotional Impact of Arthritis

Caregivers in Clifton NJ: Arthritis is a potentially debilitating condition that impacts more than 50 million adults throughout the United States. The leading cause of disability among adults in this country, arthritis can lead to severe pain, loss of strength and range of motion, diminished flexibility, and loss of control over the joints.

ComForCare Focuses On Alzheimer’s For Their 2018 In-service

Recently ComForCare Fairfield NJ held their annual in-service at their Fairfield NJ location for their caregivers.

Tips for Reducing Fire Risk While Cooking

Home Care Services in Essex Fells NJ: It is important to make sure seniors are making safe choices and effectively managing their fire risk while cooking.

Supporting a Senior Living with Restless Legs Syndrome

Elder Care in Bloomfield NJ: Restless leg syndrome is often misunderstood, which can lead to it being improperly managed. If your aging loved one is one of the approximately 10% of the entire population of the United States who is currently living with the irritating and disruptive symptoms of restless leg syndrome, they may be experiencing more impact than you can imagine.

Can You Help Your Senior Find New Meaning in Life?

Senior Care in Roseland NJ: Some aging adults find it difficult to cope with this new phase of their lives.

Do You Need Special Skills as a Caregiver?

Elderly Care in Nutley NJ: Many caregivers worry that they aren’t prepared to care for an aging adult because they don’t have the right skill set. The same skills that serve you in the rest of your life serve you as a caregiver.

What You Should Know About World Hearing Aid Awareness Week

Caregivers in Roseland NJ: September 23rd through 29th is Hearing Aid Awareness Week. As a family caregiver for an elderly adult, it is likely you are already experiencing some change in your senior’s hearing, or that your parent will experience hearing loss at some point in their later years.

Exercises to Help Improve Your Senior’s Balance

Homecare in Belleville NJ: Balance is an important part of health and safety for your aging parent. If your elderly loved one is dealing with compromised balance, they are more likely to experience a fall, which can result in very serious injuries.

What is the Best Way to Make Sure Your Mom Stays Hydrated?

Senior Care in West Paterson NJ: Why is hydration so important? You know that the body contains a high percentage of water. That water is important for helping every inch of the body work correctly.