Health Benefits of Cherries

Senior Care in Clifton NJ: February is National Cherry Month, time to celebrate those juicy, tasty red fruits. Sure, cherries are a fruit and experts frequently say to include fruit in a balanced diet.

What Daily Activities Might Your Mom Need Help With?

Home Care in Caldwell NJ: Is your aging mom struggling with daily activities in her own home? It can be hard to see elderly parents fail to do some of the simple tasks they once did for you on a regular basis.

Does the Immune System Play a Role in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Senior Care in Passaic NJ: Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition that causes the patient to feel very tired without any apparent reason or underlying cause.

Preparing Your Senior’s Home for Care After Hip Surgery

Caregivers in Verona NJ: Each year throughout the United States approximately 300,000 people suffer a hip fracture. The vast majority of these are over the age of 65 and suffered the injury as a result of a fall.

What Should You Do if Your Senior Is Afraid of Falling?

Elder Care in Fairfield NJ: Whether she’s fallen already or not, if your senior is afraid of falling you need to address that head on.

Changes to Make in Your Senior’s Bedroom to Help Them Cope with Mobility Issues

Elderly Care in Verona NJ: If your senior loved one is living with mobility issues, they might struggle with tasks in the bedroom that put their safety and their sense of independence at risk.

ComForCare Is Always Recruiting For The Best Caregivers

ComForCare Fairfield NJ recently attended a recruiting fair in Newark to meet and recruit potential Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) and RN candidates for their agency.

Building a Care Network for a Senior Living with Cancer

Home Care Services in Totowa NJ: Building a care network for your senior is about making sure they have access to the care they need on a regular basis, and also protecting your own quality of life as they age in place.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Sleep?

Senior Care in Fairfield NJ: Jordan’s father, Don, had always enjoyed an afternoon nap. Now that he was in his 80s, Jordan noticed that Don was also sleeping in quite late in the morning.

Do You Have These Signs of Caregiver Stress?

Caregivers in Bloomfield NJ: Caregiver stress is a common problem for family caregivers who find themselves feeling emotionally overwhelmed and physically exhausted.