Long Distance Adult Children, Elderly Care in Caldwell, NJ

   Coordinating Care With “Long Distance Adult Children” For Mom Who Lives Alone

               by Zack & Phyllis Demopoulos, owners, ComForcare Home Care

Elderly Care in Caldwell NJ

Elderly Care in Caldwell NJ

 Goldberg Law Group, an elder care attorney in our local area, asked Phyllis and I to be guest bloggers for their weekly website. We were honored to do so but more importantly we thought long and hard about a topic that potentially could face many of us adult children, especially those of us who live at a distance from a parent or loved one and there is no one nearby to help them live at home independently and safely. When I was doing research on the topic, I was validated and equally concerned by the fact that the 2010 U.S. Census revealed 11.3 million non-institutionalized older Americans, or 29.3% of the population, live alone. The proportion living alone increases with advanced age. Among women aged 75 and over, for example, almost half (47%) lived alone. So we shared a true story about an 80 years old woman at the end of her 100 days of Medicare benefit in a sub acute rehab center who was being discharged soon and had no one at home to help her.

 We shared in this story how ComForcare helped, in this case, a very stressed and overwhelmed “long distance” son, relax a little and make good decisions about the appropriate care his mother needed. We educated him on home care, helped him plan for his mother’s transition of care from the center to home, prepared her home for someone who is a fall risk, and to begin thinking about a long term care plan.

 Providing appropriate, trustworthy, and professional resources to a family member is part of our process. Conducting fall prevention home inspections also is a very important step. Once a loved one transitions home, there is a multitude of activities that need to take place to ensure his mother will remain safe and healthy at home such as food shopping, meal planning, prescription pick up and compliance, physical therapy, doctor appointments and assisting his mother with activities of daily living. Her son was relieved to know that ComForcare could help him manage this from ” a distance”. In addition, things he had not thought about for his mother like advanced directives, updated estate planning, powers of attorney, VA benefits for war veterans and their spouses and the possibility of medicaid eligibility if the need arose were discussed with him and resources offered to assist him help his mother plan for long term care.

 To read more about this story, please go to the website:   http://www.goldbergplanning.com/coordinating-care-for-mom-who-lives-alone-by-zack-and-phyllis-demopoulos/

About Zack Demopoulos

Zack and Phyllis Demopoulos are the Owners of ComForcare Senior Services of Fairfield, NJ.

Whether it’s in business or in life, finding the right partner is vital to the success of any union.Fortunately, Zack and Phyllis Demopoulos have found the perfect counterparts in each other.After 21 years of marriage, the couple decided to join forces in a new way with ComForcare.Zack had over two decades in healthcare at Warner-Lambert and Pfizer, and Phyllis was a stay-at-home mom of three and former Estée Lauder trainer.Their strong family values and personal experience with helping relatives who required continuous assistance led them to a business
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