5 Activities to Keep Seniors with Dementia Busy and Happy

No one enjoys being bored. But, in seniors with dementia, boredom can lead to behavioral challenges. When older adults with dementia get bored, they are more prone to wandering, aggression, and agitation. Boredom can also lead to even more serious problems, like anxiety and depression. The hardest part about keeping people with dementia from getting bored is often figuring out some activities they can do and that they will also enjoy. Below are 5 suggestions for things to do that your loved one might find entertaining and that will also keep them from getting bored.

#1: Jigsaw Puzzles

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, your aging relative may still be capable of doing more complicated jigsaw puzzles with a greater number of pieces. As the disease progresses, you can alter this activity by using easier puzzles with larger pieces. You may have to get the senior started in doing the activity by helping them to snap a few pieces into place. Once they get started, many seniors with dementia can complete at least simple puzzles on their own. Finishing a puzzle is not only satisfying, it can provide a sense of accomplishment.

#2: Sorting Items

If your loved one was a natural organizer before they developed dementia, they may enjoy sorting items into containers. For example, you might place several different items, like office supplies or buttons, on the table and let the older adult sort them into bowls. A senior who once enjoyed sewing or knitting might like to sort balls of yarn or pieces of fabric.

#3: Household Tasks

Involving your older family member in easy household tasks is a safe way to keep them busy while also allowing them to contribute to the household. Sure, the results of their efforts may not be perfect, but they’ll feel good doing it. Some things a senior with dementia may be able to help with are folding laundry (especially towels because they are easy), setting the table, sweeping, and dusting with a feather duster. Just be certain to keep an eye on them and choose tasks that don’t involve chemicals or items they could injure themselves with.

#4: Baking

While an older adult with dementia shouldn’t be left to attempt baking on their own, they can still help with some of the easier steps. You might measure out the flour, then ask them to dump it into the bowl. They could also use a wooden spoon to stir ingredients together or assist with decorating cookies.

#5: Fidget Quilt

A fidget quilt is a small blanket that has items sewn to it that the older adult can manipulate with their hands. There might be large buttons, a zipper, ribbons to tie, and different textures to feel. It gives seniors in the advanced stages of the disease something to do with their hands.

Elder care can offer your loved one activities to do throughout the day that alleviate boredom and provide a sense of purpose. An elder care provider can do a jigsaw puzzle with the senior or invite them to help with simple housecleaning jobs. Elder care providers can also bake or cook with the older adult, ensuring they stay safe while also having fun.


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