ComForCare Focuses On Alzheimer’s For Their 2018 In-service

Pictured above (far right) is Director of Nursing Rose Anne Amoresano conducting one of the in-services ComForCare provided for their great caregivers (also pictured).

Recently ComForCare Fairfield NJ held their annual in-service at their Fairfield NJ location for their caregivers. Conducted over a week at various times and days, Administrative Coordinator Jennifer McCabe and Director of Nursing Rose Anne Amoresano reviewed various aspects of the caregiver’s job and provided additional training. This year, the main focus of the in-service was Alzheimer’s disease. As part of the caregiver’s Certified Home Health Aide’s license, it is required that among the various in-services provided to the caregivers, Alzheimer’s disease must be a major portion of the training. ComForCare takes this topic very seriously being that many of the clients they serve suffer from some form of dementia. The more training and experience their caregivers receive, the more significant the benefit of ComForCare’s services will be. Four major

Pictured above are more of ComForCare’s great caregivers attending one of the many in-services provided.

sections of this particular in-service included “Communicating with an individual who has Alzheimer’s disease”, “Causes and Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease”, “Safety Measures for Individuals with Alzhemier’s” and “Psychological / Social/ Physical Needs

of the individual who has Alzheimer’s disease.” Participants engaged in discussions around these topics and shared experiences of situations that they had to handle when caring for someone with dementia. Everyone agreed the time spent on this topic was very worthwhile and will make help them be more effective caregivers.

In addition to the in-service on Alzheimer’s, many other in-services are provided to the caregivers as part of their license requirement. Some of the topics covered are Bloodborne Pathogens, Emergency Management, Ethics, Infection Control, Pain Management,

Pictured above ComForCare’s great caregivers attending one of the many in-services provided and having fun.

TB, HIPAA, Cultural Diversity, Medical devices, Resident Abuse, Employee Safety, and Sexual Harassment/Domestic Violence, Body Mechanics, and Client Rights. ComForCare is committed to providing the highest quality of training and preparing their caregivers so that they can be the best in the field.

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