Caregivers in Nutley, NC: Lip and Skin Care For Seniors

There are some important changes that occur to skin as it grows older. It generally becomes drier and needs to be moisturized often to keep it healthy. This is important for home care providers to know, because the elderly person may need help and assistance in this area. Sometimes it is the person providing home care that will notice a problem first, as they are the ones helping with bathing and dressing the elderly person.

What lifestyle factors affect skin aging?

  • Diet – what kind of foods were eaten on a regular basis
  • Hydration – drinking ample amounts of water
  • Smoking – increases the rate that skin ages
  • Hereditary – has an effect on aging of skin
  • Lifestyle – amount of exercise, obesity, etc.
  • Sun exposure – the main factor causing damage to skin

Caregivers in Nutley, NCWhat happens when skin ages?

  • There is a loss of the fatty tissue (subcutaneous support) between the skin and muscle
  • Stress and gravity cause sagging
  • Skin becomes rough and dry
  • Benign growths begin to appear – seborrheic keratosis and cherry angiomas
  • Facial skin around jaws, eyes and cheeks becomes loose
  • Skin can look transparent or thin
  • Skin bruises more easily
  • Elasticity of skin decreases
  • Wrinkles appear
  • Dry, itchy skin can develop
  • Pre-cancer and skin cancer may develop especially where there was repeated sun exposure.
  • Bed sores may develop on elderly people that are in one position for long periods of time.
  • Age spots – colored patches, usually brown, that occur on skin that is sun-exposed

What changes need a physician’s attention?

  • Moles that change color, shape or size
  • Dry, itchy skin that won’t go away with the application of moisturizers
  • Strange rashes that develop on the skin
  • New skin growths
  • Recurring skin irritations

Preventive lip and skin care

Keep lips and skin moisturized and protected from sun exposure. This includes wearing hats and sunscreen and long sleeve clothing when possible. Lips need a lip balm with sunscreen to prevent them from drying and cracking in the sun. Skin should be kept soft and healthy with the regular application of skin moisturizers.

Frequent bathing can also cause dry skin. The water robs the natural oils from the skin’s surface and causes drying. Dry skin should be treated with appropriate moisturizers to prevent cracking. Elderly people are more prone to develop infections, and cracked skin is an invitation for infection.

Skin needs attention in the cold winter months as well as the summer months. The air tends to be drier in the winter, and when seniors go outside in the winter the cold air can have a drying effect on their skin. Again, the best prevention is the regular application of moisturizing lotion.

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