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ComForcare Senior Services of Fairfield, NJ provides home care for seniors and thier families.

About Zack Demopoulos

Zack and Phyllis Demopoulos are the Owners of ComForcare Senior Services of Fairfield, NJ.

Whether it’s in business or in life, finding the right partner is vital to the success of any union.Fortunately, Zack and Phyllis Demopoulos have found the perfect counterparts in each other.After 21 years of marriage, the couple decided to join forces in a new way with ComForcare.Zack had over two decades in healthcare at Warner-Lambert and Pfizer, and Phyllis was a stay-at-home mom of three and former Estée Lauder trainer.Their strong family values and personal experience with helping relatives who required continuous assistance led them to a business
centered on providing top-notch care to those needing it most. ComForcare is committed to providing caregiving, resources and education to families in Northern Essex and Southern Passaic counties.

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Including More Exercise for Family Caregivers

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