5 Unusual Symptoms Caused by MS

Elderly Care in Belleville NJMultiple sclerosis (MS) is one of those diseases with variable symptoms. They can come and go and one person’s experience with MS isn’t the same as the next person’s. Many people with the disease experience the classic symptoms, such as fatigue, strange prickly sensations, numbness, and confusion. However, there are other more unusual symptoms of the disease that it can be helpful to be aware of, like the 5 symptoms described below.

#1: Pseudobulbar Affect

MS can cause people to laugh or cry uncontrollably. This is called pseudobulbar affect (PBA), which is sometimes referred to as emotional incontinence. People who have this symptom burst out laughing or crying for no apparent reason. It happens because the nerves that control the part of the brain that deals with emotions become damaged. The worst part about this symptom is that your aging relative may worry they will experience it in public. The good news is that there are medications that can treat the problem. Talk to the doctor if this symptom occurs in your older family member.

#2: Muscle Spasms

MS can cause muscle spasms in an arm or leg. These spasms can also occur in the muscles that control speaking and swallowing. Sometimes this symptom is mistaken for seizures, but seizures are actually quite rare in MS. Though the symptom isn’t seizures, the doctor may still prescribe antiepileptic medicines to treat it.

#3: Itchiness

People with MS sometimes feel a sudden and severe itching. However, there isn’t a rash, mosquito bite, or any other apparent skin problem causing it. That’s because the itching isn’t coming from the skin. Instead, it comes from the nerves. It typically stops quickly and is treatable with epilepsy medications.

#4: Super-Hot Feet

MS sometimes causes all kinds of strange sensations because of nerve damage. One of the more odd and unpleasant sensations it can cause is a feeling of extreme warmth in the feet. It can feel like the person’s feet are suddenly burning. Experts say the strange sensations probably happen because the brain is confused by the signals it receives. It tries to interpret the signals by relating them to things it understands or imagines.

#5: Swallowing Problems

The mixed-up nerve signals the brain receives can sometimes interfere with the complex steps that must coordinate to swallow. An older adult with MS may feel like they have something stuck in their throat. Or, they could have difficulty coordinating everything to chew or control food or drink when it’s in their mouth.

Elderly care providers can help older adults with MS to deal with the symptoms they encounter, no matter what they are. An elderly care provider can help to control symptoms by reminding the senior to take medications prescribed by the doctor. If swallowing problems occur, an elderly care provider can prepare foods that are easier to get down. An elderly care provider can also be a source of support and comfort when symptoms interfere with normal abilities.


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